Here is a contests entirely dedicated to Italian espresso and cappuccino that conforms to the certifications of the technical Disciplinary committee for INEI: the 2014 Espresso Italiano Champion is a challenge for true connoisseurs, a competition organized by the Italian National Espresso Institute – Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano, which will be holding its next stage at the Astoria general headquarters on July the 3rd. The company from Susegana is a leader in the production of quality professional espresso coffee machines and its head office – which is actually the largest individual factory for espresso coffee machines in the world – will welcome the series organized by INEI with the technical partnership of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters – Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (IIAC).

The contest was designed to promote the certification of sensory quality for coffee labelled as Espresso Italiano and Cappuccino Italiano. The final event in the series will be held next October 3rd at the prestigious location of the London Royal Automobile Club. It is open to baristas from all over the world and in particular to Espresso Italiano Specialists.

In each stage, each participant gets eleven minutes in which to adjust the traditional grinder/measurer and get to work on preparing 4 espressos and 4 cappuccinos: style and the correct preparation of the beverages are judged by a technical panel with a single mark on a scale of 0-9, which is added to the ruling of the sensory panel made up of IIAC tasters.

“Astoria is a founding member of INEI and has always been committed to the promotion of baristas’ excellence and professionalism through specific contests. Now this new competition has been introduced to support the promotion of Italian style,” comments Stefano SteccaCommercial Director for Astoria. “The challengers can count on the first energy-saving machine from the Astoria Green Line series, the Plus4You. All the utilities used in the competition – grinder/measurers, blends and espresso machines – are also certified for the preparation of Espresso Italiano Certificato – Certified Italian Espresso”.

Undoubtedly, these are the perfect conditions for insuring tempting, flawless espressos and cappuccinos. Specifically, parameters for evaluating the best cappuccino will include richness, balance, subtlety, texture – with maximum points assigned to a compact cream, bright and without bubbles – and visual appeal: because the eye should also be indulged.

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