Astoria is revolutionizing the world of coffee machines by introducing the HYbrid, the Italian espresso coffee machine that can live up to the performance of future professionals. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, HYbrid represents a significant innovation for the market in terms of the method for producing a good espresso: it is the link connecting the great tradition of Italian espresso coffee with the ease of use of a fully-automatic machine.

HYbrid will be the main new entry presented at SCAE World of Coffee by the company from Susegana, leader in the production of quality professional espresso coffee machines, together with other important new items from the range that will be on display at stand 123/122 / Pad. C. The trade fair is organized by SCAE (Specialty coffee association of Europe) and will take place in Rimini from June 10th to the 12th, 2014; it will host some of the most anticipated events in the world of coffee, including the World Barista Championship, the Brewers Cup and the World Coffee Roasting Championship competitions. The busy schedule will provide a rich platform for meetings and update sessions aimed at the major players in the sector. The vibrant Rimini Coffee Festival will be the extra-curricular event for the fair.

The first machine in its category to emphasize the manual skill of the professional barista by reproducing the familiar motions connected with espresso preparation, HYbrid will be on display in a double version, with 2 brew groups and a white finish, and in the variation with one brew group in a bronze colour. Developed to ensure outstanding performance in environments characterized by high output and heavy use due to staff turnover, HYbrid combines high productivity with the unmistakable style and elegance of Astoria, embodying the contemporary evolution of espresso coffee machines.

The new invention from Astoria maintains the pleasure of tradition, guaranteeing excellent results even from less expert baristas, thanks to intuitive motions and an ergonomic design. This machine is a steady ally, thanks to its highly automated functions and the ergonomic placing of the filter holder with an automatic blocking system that can guarantee maximum reliability under heavy workloads.

The HYbrid offers the same quality in the cup as a traditional machine, combining great convenience with the unmistakable aroma of a true traditional Italian espresso. The happy coexistence between the future and tradition is also expressed in the aesthetic personality of the HYbrid, with visible brewing groups and removable filter holders, an ample work surface, and a user-friendly touch screen control panel. The excellent temperature stability and highly reliable compression mechanism are the barista’s best allies on a day marked by a frantic and fast-moving work pace. All this is brought together in a compact form, designed to save valuable space and lend efficiency and practicality to the working environment.

The Plus4You, the first energy saving espresso coffee machine from the Green Line series that offers up to 47.6% certified savings, will be presented in a remodelled version with a new generation capacitive touch screen and equipped with a long distance telemetry system to remotely control the working and consumption parameters of the machine. Plus4You will be the star of one of the most prestigious events of the entire trade fair. During the party organized by Coffee Kids at the Grand Hotel di Rimini on June 10th, 2014, a check for more than US $53,000.00 from proceeds of the machines’ sales will be donated to the association. This is an important confirmation of our commitment to the organization that was inaugurated in 2009 with the launch of the flagship machine from the Green Line.

The new generation, baptized Plus4You TS, will be sharing the stage with another prima donna, the Sabrina, a new Astoria headliner: this seductive, traditional machine with a new twist inspired by a vintage 60’s style will be at the fair in the 3-group version. Sinuous and harmonious lines, underlined by touches of light irradiating from the background, characterize the machine side panels. Soft and dynamic features are interrupted by illuminated custom vanities that bring together the professional character and the bold but refined style of the chromed group covers. A unique and charming design at the service of technology, handiness and reliability for a final result offering great quality and versatility in any performance.
For a look at the complete schedule of events: it.worldofcoffee-rimini.com