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All Eyes On

We have the pleasure to introduce you the START model


Version 1, 2, 3 groups; all in semiautomatic (AEP) and electronic (SAE) version


Standard 2 and 3 groups versions with 2 steam wands and 1 hot water spout

On electronic versions, the hot water spout works in automatic way, offers the possibility to program the water doses for tea


Front panel with new generation touch pads with single/individual buttons for each dose and Tea


Internal motor-pump: 1gr – power 120W; 2gr – power 150W; 3gr – water cooling


CTS heat exchanger system, volume boiler 6 lt.- 1gr; 10,5 lt. – 2gr; 17 lt. – 3gr, with 80mm diameter of the exchange heater and capacity of 650 ml


Hydraulic system with multifunction distributor, a compact and organized solution which allows an optimal access for maintenance


3 positions switch (0 – 1 – 2)


  • 0 : Off
  • 1 : power supply of the pump for boiler filling
  • 2 : total power supply, including the heating element