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MCE ‘TOUCH’ : electronic + digital Display … the top spec machine in this model range.


general features :

  • 4 selection capacitive touch-pad and display (single & double shot ristretto; single & double shot espresso/caffe’)
  • automatic water refill
  • two steam wands and one hot water faucet (2 and 3 gr)
  • CTS (Constant Temperature Stability) heat exchanger system
  • pressure gauge for pump head monitoring
  • internal motor pump
  • colours: available in black or bordeaux



  • electronic cup warmer with temperature regulation to 1 º Celsius
  • milk frothing wand “Montalatte”

Allows barista to pre set air/steam mixture to optimize milk texture consistency.


A variety of special features have been incorporated into the design of this model:

  • innovative capacitive touch pads requiring only the gentlest ‘touch’ by the barista.


-variable digital display options as follows

  • boiler pressure and temperature
  • time of day, date and weekday
  • visual prompt for softener regeneration
  • visual count-down of total coffees produced

-other display function provides warning messages in the event of minor malfunction:

  • issues with the boiler’s temperature probe
  • issues on the cup warmer’s temperature probe
  • central processor unit (cpu) electrical link error
  • communication error with the expansion model


System management

Accessed via the digital display are a series of system management functions allowing different levels of control:


Level 1: Barista or authorized/service personnel

on this level the operator can adjust or reset

  • the date and/or time
  • the time when the machine will automatically switch itself on/switch off
  • visual prompt to regenerate water softener
  • visual readout of productivity data
  • visual readout of total coffees produced
  • the default language (English, Italian and Romanian)


Level 2: via password entry authorized/service personnel only

will have access to all management systems and can adjust / reset all parameters

  • programming the date, day and time
  • programming the time when the machine will automatically switch itself on/switch off
  • programming water volume level, set to activate visual prompt for water filter regeneration

When the specified quantity of water has passed through the machine the display will prompt the barista/operator to regenerate water softener or to replace filter cartridge.

  • programming volume settings for each espresso selection on each separate touch pad
  • programming maximum coffee production through the machine

Once the specified number of coffees have been produced the machine will shut down.

But prior to shut down, a visual display will prompt the Barista/operator to contact the coffee supplier for more supplies.

This feature provides coffee suppliers with specific control when providing ‘free’ coffee machines as part of a coffee supply deal.

  • programming the activation/de-activation of some display functions (such as date/time, cup heater, count-down coffee counter, group head flushing, programming of working day parameters)
  • programming or resetting passwords


Pre-set system management: additional features incorporated in machine programming

  • automatic rinsing cycle – activated by simultaneously pressing the middle 2 buttons on touch pad
  • automatic group flushing

Prior to inserting the portafilter, the group head will flush water for approximately 2 seconds to clean the shower plate, and also ensure water freshness.

Important notice: This flushing is not counted as part of total coffee dosing.